Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis


Did you know that you are already hypnotizing yourself every day? What we say to ourselves repetitively, what we visualize every day, are indeed the very things that will either reinforce existing subconscious patterns, or create new ones.

tap into the inner resources of your subconscious mind

In many ways, it is the stories we tell ourselves that the subconscious takes as orders. So, the stories you've been telling and the internal images you've been forming help create or reinforce the situation you're living. You have all the control you need, and you can do just about anything you desire, once you learn to tap into the inner resources of your subconscious mind.

the original mind/body connection

Hypnosis uses the original mind/body connection to eliminate undesired habits, beliefs and obstacles that are embedded in the subconscious. The essence of hypnosis is intense concentration thereby achieving an altered state of consciousness, or trance.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; the hypnotist is your guide in learning new and imaginative ways to achieve your goals. Think of a state of heightened awareness where you can push aside that judging, critical part of conscious thinking and enter a state of heightened suggestibility. This is where change is easy!

expand your mind,
expand your
personal power

The amazing part about what you will learn is that in hypnosis, you have more power than you are usually aware of. You can learn to access so much more of your mind. Learn to expand your problem solving using the unlimited supply of resources in your subconscious mind. You have been trying to solve issues using only a tiny part of your mind. Open up, expand your mind, expand your personal power.

During hypnosis you may have a distorted perception of time. Some clients assume a few minutes have passed when it was much longer; others think they are hypnotized for hours when it was only minutes. Most people feel physically relaxed and mentally alert while hypnotized. Notwithstanding some common misconceptions, there are no side effects to hypnosis other than feeling more relaxed than usual. The night following a session, many people report that they fall asleep immediately and enjoy a long and restful sleep. The only other changes you will see in yourself are the changes that you came to the session to achieve.

You will be amazed to discover that you can suggest something to yourself in hypnosis and your body will follow. Believe in yourself and find your real personal power!

What does it mean to be a "Certified Consulting Hypnotist"?

"Consulting Hypnotist" is the title designated by the National Guild of Hypnotists to replace Certified Hypnotherapist. This was done to distinguish the profession from the ranks of counseling professionals such as psychotherapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who deal more with pathology and clinical issues of the mind. Professional hypnotists address themselves to improvements of living style emotionally, spiritually and physically. They do not involve themselves in treatment of pathology as defined in the Diagnostic Service Manual-IV developed by the American Psychiatric Association. Consulting Hypnotists do not “cure” illness although we can help to increase comfort with illness and pain through stress management and post hypnotic suggestion.

The National Guild of Hypnotists Certification requires a minimum of two semesters of hypnosis training. In addition, 15 hours of continuing education credits are required annually to maintain active certification and remain within “good standing” as a NGH member.

For more information you can visit the NGH website