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Hypnotism — Breaking the Misconceptions

Hypnotic trance is a powerful complementary skill to learn to enhance your ability to break habits, start new habits or inspire new more productive and positive ways of thinking. Hypnosis can enhance motivation, inspire creative thoughts, and help actualize desired shifts in your thinking.

Despite all the positive outcomes, there are still many misconceptions about hypnosis. Here are a few and why they are wrong…

Will I lose consciousness?NO!

In hypnosis, you are fully awake and conscious. You are aware of your surroundings, what is being said to you, and are in full control. You are not asleep or in any way unaware of what is happening while you are in trance. As a matter of fact, you are at a higher level of awareness, more concentrated and able to focus more exclusively on one particular idea without the usual noise of the conscious mind’s judgment, analytical thinking or critical thought. Techniques may or may not be used to induce a state of relaxation in which you may feel lethargic or sleepy, but you are not asleep, you are fully conscious and receptive to the agreed upon suggestions that help you reach your desired outcome.

Will I lose control?NO!

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist is your guide, and is not in control of you. Many people believe that the hypnotist can influence you to surrender your free will. This is untrue and has only been perpetuated by movies, comics, TV, books and other sensationalized accounts of hypnotism. The ability to be hypnotized is in your hands at all times. You can only go willingly into trance working in partnership or cooperation with your hypnotist. Your hypnotist helps guide you along in trance but it is ultimately up to you to follow instructions and knowingly reach your desired outcome.

Will I reveal all my secrets?NO!

Contrary to some beliefs, you will not reveal your most hidden secrets while under hypnosis. Under hypnosis, people can still maintain secrets and are even capable of lying. You will not do or say anything under hypnosis that you wouldn’t while in an alert, usual waking state. As intriguing and mystical as your subconscious mind may seem to you, it is not able to break through your conscious thinking and influence you to reveal hidden secrets or have you act inappropriately. Once again, under hypnosis, you are in total control and can, at any time, end the session.

Can strong-minded, intelligent people be hypnotized?YES!

Hypnotism is not for the weak-willed, ignorant, or feeble-minded person. As research has shown, there is a direct correlation between intelligence and the ability of a person to be hypnotized. It is a skill taught to healthy minded, intelligent individuals seeking to expand their ability to chang and make healthy shifts in their habits or thoughts. It so happens, the greater the intelligence of the client, the faster and easier the desired outcome will happen. Intelligent clients have a greater ability to follow instructions, visualize outcomes and follow through with exercises to reinforce their newfound skill.

Will I squawk like a chicken or bark like a dog?NO!

Many people are apprehensive about hypnosis because of stage shows they may have witnessed where people squawk like chickens or bark like dogs. Your hypnotist has no interest in having you perform any of these ridiculous acts nor would you do such if you did not want to. Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes and the volunteers are usually caught up in the moment, wanting to participate and have fun. The practice of hypnotism as a means of helping individuals reach their goals is not about getting people to engage in silly acts. The purpose is to assist you in reaching your goals, make the necessary shifts in your thinking or behaviors, and make those meaningful changes in your life to live happier and healthier.

Can I get stuck in a trance and become a "zombie"? NO!

There is no danger of you becoming “stuck” in a hypnotized state. Once in trance, you simply need to open your eyes and terminate the hypnotic state or trance. You are in total control of yourself and the waking process. At times, clients have ignored the instructions to “awaken” simply because they are enjoying the relaxed state or the pleasurable feelings they are experiencing. If this were to happen, the hypnotist would patiently guide the client to awaken with repeated instruction. In other instances, the client may have actually fallen asleep as they relaxed further and further. Hypnotists do their best to maintain rapport with their clients while in hypnosis to get the greatest results. If a client falls asleep, it is often because they were very tired to begin with and the simple act of relaxing puts them fast asleep. If you fall asleep, the hypnotist gently wakes you.

Can the hypnotist make me commit
anti-social or criminal acts?NO!

Once again, you will not be induced to do any acts that you wouldn’t do in a normal waking state. You will not be hypnotized into an alternative state whereby you are influenced to commit anti-social or criminal acts. You will not be convinced to conduct yourself in any peculiar way, one in which you would not normally consider in your every day life. Responsible hypnotists work with their clients to discover new ways of shifting disagreeable habits or thoughts by accessing the subconscious mind. All hypnotic work is conducted in full cooperation with the client in order to bring about positive and healthy outcomes.