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What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a revolutionary approach to behavioral change. It first began in the 1970’s at the University of Santa Cruz with a group of talented people led by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. It is a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating insights from behavioral and Gestalt psychology, family therapy, hypnotherapy, linguistics, information theory and anthropology, among many other disciplines.

In its essence, NLP is based on the relationship between patterns of behavior and patterns of thought. NLP is a system of modeling one’s patterns of behavior, communication and thinking, thus providing opportunities to find alternative approaches and enhanced flexibility. NLP is one of the most powerful skills used in business management, sales, psychology and in all forms of personal development because it helps you to achieve better self-awareness and effective communication.

NLP can be one key to unlock your true potential, opening the doors to
your inner excellence through interactive and creative shifts of awareness.

As your NLP coach, I guide you in discovering unique and creative new ways of reframing any thoughts and emotions that limit your confidence or your greater vision. We work together to break negative cycles, challenge your negative, self limiting beliefs, avoid blocks and overcome negative patterns. Through NLP, I help you to change your emotional and mental patterns to the extent where you can have that life you always dreamed of, achieving your personal and professional goals.

Working together, our focus is in creating the life you want. Through NLP, I am able to assist clients to become effective in communication and motivation and, in finding their “flow” as top performers in business, bring about greater success and achievement.

Whether you are trying to launch that business that you always dreamed about, get that promotion at work, create a healthier lifestyle or repair a challenging relationship, having the flexibility and the tools to navigate these changes is critical to your success. At Ninth Wave, we work together one-on-one in an interactive and focused way so you can achieve your greatest potential.

Steps you have to take

"Instead of how bad things have been or how bad things are, focus on what you intend to do and what steps you have to take to get there."

— Dale Sellers

NLP Professional Coach & NLP Practitioner Certification.

I am a graduate of MindBridge NLP Professional Coach Certification training which exceeds the guidelines of 60 hours required by the International Coach Federation (ICF) for Coach Specific Training and Student Contact Learning. The MindBridge program comprises120 training hours and meets the highest standards of professional certification from the International Board accredited by The Association for NLP (ANLP). As a Master NLP Practitioner and Master NLP Coach, I have completed an additional 144+ training hours plus practical experience at Master level.