Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis

Paying for Services

Payment is expected at time of session unless other arrangements are made. Cash, Credit Cards and personal checks are acceptable for payment at the time of your visit. Please note that personal checks should be made payable to "Silverberg Consulting LLC". For your convenience, you may also use the following PayPal™ links to make credit card payments before you attend the session.

Fee Schedule

We always begin with an extended interview in which we go through your full history and begin to identify the desired outcome(s).

Initial Intake Interview (90 minutes)  $120
Single One Hour Session $90
Single Two Hour Session $150

Coaching Packages:

A package of three coaching sessions over the course of one month is available at a discounted rate; in order to take full advantage of this discount, a package must be paid-in-full and is non-refundable. Please note that the initial intake is in addition to the package and is not included in the package price. For your convenience, you can make a single payment to include both the initial intake interview and a multi-session package.

3 sessions (save $45 on the package) $225
●◊ 3 session package plus Initial Intake $345

Please select your desired item or package from the drop-down menu before clicking "Pay Now".

  Session Fees


Unfortunately, health insurance plans in the US will not generally pay for coaching or hypnosis and Ninth Wave cannot bill insurance plans.


Upon request, I will provide you with a receipt for any and all fees paid.


Ninth Wave will give 30 days notice of any change in fees.