Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis

Types of Services


All sessions are discussed in advance with the client, and may include coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and/or the induction of hypnosis, as well as related methods and principles to help clients discover their inner strengths and abilities. Often my clients benefit from my integrated approach, combining coaching, NLP techniques and hypnosis. Services will commence after the client’s final agreement/consent and will be according to the client’s preference and in accordance with my training and experience.

Like anything “new”, it is a learning process and we take the time to recognize your own learning style and unique pace of change. I approach each individual with curiosity, openness and one-on-one, personalized attention. My goal is to achieve the client’s desired outcome(s) by developing positive thinking and feelings and redirecting undesirable habits and behavior patterns.

Hypnosis Sessions

All hypnosis sessions are held in my office. Depending on the issue at hand, most clients have a limited number of weekly or bi-weekly visits. This is a typical scenario; when we first meet, we can set your frequency and length of sessions according to your needs and schedule.

Some individuals need only one or two sessions, other people need more sessions; it varies according to the subject matter and the client’s commitment to the process. As an adjunct to the one-on-one sessions, I provide hypnotic recordings either by subject matter or specific to the client’s needs. These serve to reinforce and support the work we do in the office. The MP3 file or CD is included in the price of the session. Additional recordings can be purchased.

Remember, coaching and hypnosis can often be combined to bring about even better results and faster change.

For Clients with Medical Conditions

Hypnosis and NLP techniques are considered complementary to mainstream treatments and at times may be an adjunct to a doctor’s treatment and/or to assist treatment goals. It does not replace medical directives.

Do not discontinue any medication prescribed or change or disregard directives by your physician without talking with your doctor first, even if your symptoms improve.

In some cases, if there is some current, ongoing medical or psychological treatment, an authorization and/or clearance from your treating physician will be required before any services can be provided.

I am not medically trained nor do I hold myself out to the public as a therapist or counselor other than being a professional coach, NLP practitioner and hypnotist.