Ninth Wave Coaching & Hypnosis

Types of Services


All sessions are discussed in advance with the client, and may include coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques and/or the induction of hypnosis, as well as related methods and principles to help clients discover their inner strengths and abilities. Often my clients benefit from my integrated approach, combining coaching, NLP techniques and hypnosis. Services will commence after the client’s final agreement/consent and will be according to the client’s preference and in accordance with my training and experience.

Like anything “new”, it is a learning process and we take the time to recognize your own learning style and unique pace of change. I approach each individual with curiosity, openness and one-on-one, personalized attention. My goal is to achieve the client’s desired outcome(s) by developing positive thinking and feelings and redirecting undesirable habits and behavior patterns.


A tremendous variety of workshops or seminars can be offered at organizational retreats.

Ninth Wave will work with you to structure such events to best further your goals for your retreat.

Contact Ninth Wave for further information, pricing and scheduling.