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I went to see Karen to get coaching and hypnosis around my career transition and to manage some bad habits. She helped me make the critical changes and explore new pathways post-retirement and embrace a healthy outlook in all aspects of my life. I would recommend you consider seeing her for any of these life challenges - even if it is something you think you can do yourself, it's great to have the professional guidance to get you to the right place. —  HPH, Efland, NC

Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is highly talented, excellent at what she does, and is very perceptive. She creates a calm, peaceful, and trusting environment that is perfect for healing. She was able to help me pinpoint the root of my problem and provided me with the proper guidance to heal both my body and mind. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help. —  JT, Mebane, NC

Karen is an incredible coach! Her enormous ability to empathise with clients is very helpful in the coaching process. She excels at providing concrete steps to tackle issues and giving tailored advice for specific situations. Her upbeat attitude and ability to reframe circumstances shows you how you can address your own thinking patterns to lead a happier and more fulfilling life. In addition, her ability to coach via FaceTime/Skype/Google Hangouts means we can keep in touch regardless of where I am.  — SV, Netherlands

Karen is a great sounding board for some of my life's most frustrating little (and sometimes big) issues. She is attentive, easy to relate with and genuinely helpful in sorting through the distractions that confuse the issue in order to get to the root of any dilemma. I would highly recommend Karen and Ninth Wave to anyone who needs someone caring and competent in their corner.  — D.R., Chapel Hill, NC

Karen has helped me significantly over the past 6-9 months deal with a barrage of crises in my life. I look forward to our sessions, and feel she has been so much more effective than any medication or psychiatrist or psychologist could ever be. She helps me focus, problem solve and plan accordingly. What a difference she has made in my life!"  — S.S., Mebane, NC

I see Karen for Coaching sessions every other week. I really enjoy her company and her caring support. Truly, I enjoy her keen ability of intuition to see beyond the jumbled narrative that I often give her and pull out the main themes for me to move forward. She is very talented at her craft and I would recommend her service to anyone needing direction, pattern shift, focus, or change  — B.T., Hillsborough, NC

A coach is someone who knows exactly the right questions to ask, words to say, guidance to give, but most especially the right time in which to do all three. Without a doubt, Karen is gifted with how to challenge your current pattern of thinking, guide you in thinking differently, and motivating you to put an action plan, a 'real to do' around what you come to realize must be done. She has helped me to reach deep within myself for the answers I need to gain more confidence, and prioritize my health and personal happiness. Thank you Karen.  — E.C., Mebane, NC

Many thanks for your encouragement and words of wisdom. It is difficult to move forward, given the amount of trauma I've endured and the re-victimization with which I am constantly confronted. You have been instrumental in helping me attain the tiny bit of self-respect and self-worth I feel and in giving me strength to forge ahead and believe I can achieve much more in my lifetime and, perhaps even, find some peace within myself.  — S.H., Chapel Hill, NC.

Karen has been an invaluable resource through a very challenging time during which I struggled with both my health and career. I feel that her guidance through this difficult period helped me to make decisions to improve my health and happiness. She encouraged me to realize that I was not trapped in a situation with no options but that I have the power to choose and with those choices I have the power to change my circumstances. Each session was tailored to a specific need and I was always astonished by her intuition in devising a plan that was on target with what was affecting me at the time. The passion she has for what she is doing is obvious in the personalized approach she takes and the fulfillment she earns in helping others succeed. — S.R., Durham, NC.

I have benefitted tremendously through my coaching partnership with Karen.  She has amazing energy, kindness, and dedication to the development of my well-being.  She provides guidance that is so on-point for my career and my values, and she coaches me to get there myself so that I can truly embrace this development.  I am so grateful that our paths have crossed because she is so knowledgeable, truly talented, trustworthy, and she knows the complexities of my profession. — C.A., Durham, NC.

I have been immensely impressed with the work that Karen has been able to do with me. Karen is dedicated to understanding my goals and point of view, and tailors her coaching accordingly. In helping me to change my behaviors, she's been able to provide great tools that draw on my already-existing strengths, and her personal warmth and cheer make the process easy. Over the past few months, I've been able to let go of years of hurt, as well as several damaging behavior patterns, and it's getting easier and easier to hold on to these changes. I feel more like myself than I have in a long time! — D.T., Chapel Hill, NC.

Karen brings a wealth of insight and experience to her clients and provides thoughtful perspective in guiding you to achieve your objectives. Karen was instrumental as my coach at a turning point in my career and empowered me to meet my goals. I highly recommend Karen as a trusted confidant and coach with proven results. — S.F., Hillsborough, NC.

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

— Abraham Lincoln

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"With every mistake we must surely be learning"

- George Harrison

"..the perfect uselessness of knowing the answer to the wrong question."

- Ursula K. Le Guin